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Business Administration

The Master Degree program prepares students with the necessary skills and knowledge to understand, manage or create financial, business and leadership careers at the upper level of management. The program provides the tools for business and leadership professional's to develop knowledge, attitudes and skill sets that will equip them to perform effectively, ethically and creatively in the corporate or entrepreneurial environment.


Graduates must successfully complete the 39 semester credit hours as outlined below:

Core Courses     27 Semester Credit Hours
Emphasis Courses     12 Semester Credit Hours
Total Master Of Business Administration     39 Semester Credit Hours

Core Courses

MIS   6110 Management Information Systems 24 21 45 3
MKT 6120 Marketing Management 24 21 45 3
ORG 6130 Organizational Behavior 24 21 45 3
ACC 6140 Managerial Accounting 24 21 45 3
ECO 6150 Managerial Economics 24 21 45 3
FIN 6160 Managerial Finance 24 21 45 3
MGT 6170 Operations Management 24 21 45 3
HRM 6180 Human Resource Management 24 21 45 3
BUS 6190 Business Strategy Capstone 24 21 45 3
Total Core 216 189 405 27

Emphasis Courses: Business Administration

LED   5531 Leadership Theories And Concepts 24 21 45 3
BUS   6590 Business Ethics 24 21 45 3
ENT   6431 Entrepreneurship 24 21 45 3
ORG   6011 Organizational Development And Change 24 21 45 3
Total Other Courses 96 84 180 12

Emphasis Courses: International Business

MKT   6003 International Marketing 24 21 45 3
MGT   6601 International Business Management 24 21 45 3
FIN   6651 International Finance 24 21 45 3
BUS   6671 International Business Law 24 21 45 3
Total Other Courses 96 84 180 12

Emphasis Courses: Marketing

MKT   6001 Consumer Behaviour and Decision Models 24 21 45 3
MKT   6004 Pricing Strategy 24 21 45 3
MKT   6005 Internet Marketing/Bridge Gap Marketing 24 21 45 3
MKT   6007 Service Marketing 24 21 45 3
Total Other Courses 96 84 180 12

Total Core Requirements 216 189 405 27
Total General Education 0
Total Other Courses 96 84 180 12
Overall Total For Program 312 273 585 39



BUS 5210 Survey of Accounting
Prerequisite: None
This course covers the material necessary to interpret financial reporting and make useful lending and investment decisions. Accounting for inventory, plant, property and equipment, intangible assets, tangible assets, investments, cash flow statements, cost accounting, and cost-volume analysis are included. (3 credit hours)

BUS 5211 Survey of Finance
Prerequisite: BUS 5210
Financial Management is designed to give students a basic understanding of financial planning in the business world. This course provides an analytical understanding of financial management. It builds upon the fundamental principles of elementary accounting and economic principles. Topics covered include financial analysis and planning, working capital management, capital budgeting process and long-term financing. (3 credit hours)

BUS 5212 Survey of Marketing
Prerequisite: None
This course presents a comprehensive introduction to the concepts and techniques of modem¬day marketing. It explores the importance of marketing in the economy and in business management as the student is introduced to key elements of marketing such as product. place, price and promotion. (3 credit hours)

BUS 5213 Survey of Economics
Prerequisite: None
This course introduces economic theory and practice, specifically the economic system affecting the economy as a whole it Includes internatlonal and national policy and decision-making, The course also introduces the studenl to the effect this system has on husiness and Individuals. especially in the making of decisons. The foundations of ecunumic reasoning and central key terms. uses and concepts of economic analysis and undwatandng7 are components of this worse (3 credit hours)

BUS 5214 Survey of Management
Prerequisite: None
This course provides students with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the dynamics involved in managing in the modern organization. The history of management and its impact on the modern manager will be explored. In addition. the functions and elements of management will be explored, along with such issues as motivatlon, diversity, quality, ethics and the global environment (3 credit hours)


MIS 6110 Management Information Systems
Prerequisite: None
Managing information systems has become a task for all levels of managers and all functional areas of the business in today's digital firm there is no escaping the opportunities as well as the challenges that techcnology brings.This course focuses On providing the Student with an understanding of the nature of the digital firm and the key issues in organizing and managing the firm.Managers of digital fares need to Identify the challenges facing their films, understand the technologies that will help them meet these challenges; design business processes to take advantage of the technologies; and create management procedures and plicies to implement the required changes.(3 credit hours)

MKT 6120 Marketing Management
Prerequisite: BUS 5112
This course provides a strategic framework for organisational marketing decisions. From this managerial perspective, the student will expeore the marketing process," concepts and customer focused processes. The course will also analyze marketing tools and understand their importance to managers. These tools include including market research, competitor analysis and the consumer analysis. This course offers a combination of marketing principles and marketing management within a study of the relatlonshp between the marketing mix, the changing business environment and the overall corporate strategy. (13 credit hours)

ORG 6130 Organizational Behavior
Prerequisite: None
Organization behavior is flat study of what people will feel. and do in and around Organizations. This course allows the Student M Systematically study individual, team, and Structural characteristics that influence behavior in organizations. The topics covered in this course enlighten the student on the comptex relationships that are present among individuals, groups, organizations, and society. This course emphasizes a dynamics systems approach In the understanding and facilitation of work relationships through the study of the interaction of individual needs, abilities, and traits with organizational goals, structure, and the long term creation and addition of value to the individual, the group, and the organization. (3 credit hours)

ACC 6140 Managerial Accounting
Prerequisite: BUS 5210
This course introduces economic theory and practice, specifically the economic system affecting the economy as a whole. It includes international and national policy and decision¬making. It also introduces the foundations of economic reasoning and central key terms, income, trade, laws and concepts of economic analysis and understanding. This course offers financial accounting as an essential part of the decision-making process in the business organization. (3 credit hours)

ECO 6150 Managerial Economics
Prerequisite: BUS 5213.
This course focuses on the problem of business decisions, making extensive use of cases. Topics include basic supply-demand theory and marginal analysis, the structure of decision problems, the impact of the market setting (i.e., competitive, oligopolistic or monopolistic structures), and strategic interactions among firms using Game Theory. The emphasis throughout is on the use of economic reasoning to solve actual business decision problems. (3 credit hours)

FIN 6160 Managerial Finance
Prerequisite: : BUS 5213 and ACC 6140 .
This course introduces the theory of corporate finance and the application of this theory to realistic problems in corporate financial management. The course integrates the various aspects of corporate finance including production, marketing, management, accounting and finance. This course also presents an overview of the finance and legal perspectives as the student learns from the efficient capital markets hypothesis, capital structure, and dividends. (3 credit hours)

MGT 6170 Operations Management
Prerequisite: : BUS 5214
This course presents an introduction to the scientific methods used to investigate problems concerned with the designing, planning and conducting of operations within an organization. Mathematical methods of operations research are stressed. Topics studied include linear programming, decision analysis, mathematical programming, inventory theory,forecasting,and markov decision processes(3 cerdit hours)

HRM 6180 Human Resource Management
Prerequisite: : None
This course provides a management-oriented exploration of human resource management, structure, functional applications, and labor management relations. Based upon classical and contemporary theory and empirical research, this course forms a humanistic and legal analysis of organizations, focusing on the role of human resource management in the creation of organizational strategy. This course examines managers and leaders within organizations and their responsibility to optimize performance and make decisions based on ethical criteria. Human resource divisions are articulated in this course into six broad areas of thematic emphasis. (3 credit hours)

BUS 6190 Business Strategy Capstone
Prerequisite: MIS 6110, MKT 6120, ORG 6130, ACC 6140, ECO 6150, FIN 6160, MGT 6170, and HRM 6180
This course is designed to provide a deeper understanding of strategic management principles, theories, and concepts. During this course, students will examine the basic concepts in problem analysis and decision making in corporate strategy. Students will learn how to develop mission statements, and assess both the external and internal environments to determine organizational strengths and weaknesses. This course will include analyses of various methods for formulating and implementing strategy, as well as the numerous issues associated with technology and innovation, entrepreneurial ventures and small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. The MBA capstone course is broad in scope and integrative of all other required courses. The focus is on the strategic analysis, formulation, and implementation issues facing top management. The project will include topics such as competition, core competencies, gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage at the business, corporate, and international levels, and corporate governance, structure, and entrepreneurship. (3 credit hours)


Emphasis in Business Administration

LED 5531 Leadership Theories and Concepts
Prerequisite: None
This course examines leadership from a holistic practical point of view by looking at different ways to help the leader become more effective in different leadership situations. The concepts and theories covered in this course shed light into the complexity of the challenges that face leaders today. In order to become effective, leaders need the skills to build high-performing work teams and to assure that these teams are outcome focused and integrated into organizational goals. This course explores leadership development, the use of power and influence, leadership values, behavior, and traits, situational characteristics, methods of team building, leadership skills, and organizational change. (3 credit hours)

BUS 6590 Business Ethics
Prerequisite: None
This course is intended to help students make ethical choices in a business context. It investigates ethical issues and decision-making problems facing contemporary leaders. Emphasis is on ethical approaches to problem solving, communication, and managing people. The impact that various leadership styles have on organizations and communities will also be presented. (3 credit hours)

ENT 6431 Entrepreneurship
Prerequisite: BUS 5210, BUS 5211 and BUS 5214
This course is a primer for aspiring small business owners. Students will explore step-by-step procedures necessary to set up and manage a small business. Topics include the development of the business plan, market entry strategies, organization and financing, and critical factors for small business owners and entrepreneurs. The course provides students with the skills to build,work for,invest in,advice or consult to social venture at any point in their career path(3 credit hours)

Emphasis in International Business

MKT 6003 International Marketing
Prerequisite: : MKT 6120
This course will provide thorough coverage of international marketing, with a strong subject emphasis on the planning and strategic problems confronting companies that market across cultural boundaries. The use of the Internet will be stressed throughout the entire course because if its importance to global marketers when penetrating and exploring new markets. Finally, the course will discuss international marketing from a global perspective, with real-life examples to illustrate salient issues that will be continually discussed within and outside of the text. (3 credit hours)

MGT 6601 International Business Management
This course explores the world of international business. International or transnational business involves factors and forces such as exchange rates, cultural differences and political risks. International business also raises issues related to controlling and staffing enterprises that are physically remote from a business' primary location and fashioning business relationships with people and entities that have unfamiliar ways of conducting their business. This course considers the factors and forces and issues that affect and arise in managing international business. (3 credit hours)

FIN 6651 International Finance
Prerequisite: FIN 6160
This course explores balance of payments, adjustment mechanisms, international monetary system and international interdependence. Topics also include determinants of exchange rate policy, the relationship between domestic monetary and exchange rate policies, and international policy coordination. The course presents arbitrage and arbitrage like transactions, and how these bind together distinguishable financial instruments to play a key role in financial contracts. The finance methodologies of multinational corporations, foreign exchange, and bankers acceptances are included. (3 credit hours)

BUS 6671 International Business Law
Prerequisite:MGT 6601
This course examines laws regulating international activities including managerial issues, trade, licensing and investment from an international managerial perspective. Students will study the function and importance of public international law, as well as the role of public and private international organizations in setting standards and guidelines for international business. This course also examines the legal aspects of establishing an overseas operation; joint venturing abroad; using a foreign distributor and exporting technology. Emphasizing practical application and theory of international business law, this course examines how firms conduct business among the countries of the world. (3 credit hours)

Emphasis in Marketing

MKT 6001 Consumer Behavior and Decision Models
Prerequisite: MKT 6120.
This course describes how socio-psychological factors influence the decision-making process of consumers. Course will describe and compare the major decision models in consumer behavior and the major decision models used in developing social marketing communications and interventions. (3 credit hours)

MKT 6004 Pricing Strategy
Prerequisite: MKT 6120
This course focuses on analytic tools, theories, and conceptual tools for formulating pricing strategy. The course also covers pricing tactics, and some new economy pricing models. Topics include: perceived value pricing, bundling, price discrimination, product-line pricing, dynamic pricing over the products' life-cycle, pricing through the marketing channel, and competitive pricing. In addition to microeconomic approaches to pricing, behavioral approaches to pricing will also be covered. Pricing decisions will be analyzed using spreadsheet analysis. (3 credit hours)

MKT 6005 Internet Marketing/Bridge Gap Marketing
Prerequisite: MKT 6120
This course focuses on integrating Internet marketing activities into overall organizational marketing strategies. Topics include: market opportunity and environmental assessment, Web presence and value propositions, and special issues concerning marketing mix design, implementation and capabilities that allow businesses to develop unique Internet marketing strategy. (3 credit hours)

MKT 6007 Service Marketing
Prerequisite: MKT 6120
This course explores the nature of service organizations and principles which guide the marketing of their products. Topics include: customer expectations of the services and opinion of the service, customer relationship management, the design and execution of the service delivery process, the development and implementation of employee customer service skills, and the role of emerging technology in customer service. (3 credit hours)

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